About Me

Hi, I'm Simon, aka coolpowers, aka SiW. I like to make games almost as much as I like to see people playing my games. I have two amazing kids and a dog. I'm English but am A Fully Fledged American Citizen Person. I live in Iowa.

Also I can't think of much else to say. I'm not sure why I made this page, now. Perhaps you'd like to follow me on Mastodon? Or on Twitter if that's more your speed, but lately it's turning into quite the tire fire, isn't it? Masto it is then, yes. That's nice. Anyway, careful, sometimes I swear and/or Have Opinions.

Oh! Now I remember why I wanted to make this page. It's to show that there are real people behind the gazillions of little apps and games you have on your phone. Sure, sometimes they're made by Very Large Companies but often they're made by one or two people. Just regular people, doing their thing. Remember that, it's important.

I love you.