How long can you survive in this homage to some of the greatest arena shooters? The twist in this "twin-stick shooter" is you can play in portrait mode with just one hand, or turn your device sideways for more traditional double thumb play.
Psst.. want to know some secrets?
Defend the Earth from wave after wave of asteroids, armed only with a paddle and a bouncing ball. Drop the ball and you lose a shield - lose all your shields and the asteroids wipe out the planet. It's a new twist on two gaming staples - breaking bricks and blasting space rocks.
Strict frootarians, WIGGLERs must consume large amounts of froot to keep their energy up. Please assist your WIGGLER in this endeavor, taking care to avoid all bees. WIGGLERs are highly allergic to bees, as exposure to them will lead to a deadly breakout of wubs.
Three years have passed since you valiantly tried to defend the Earth from the asteroid bombardment. You tried your best, but the shields failed and your beloved planet was destroyed. Now you're trying to race away from the destruction through wave after wave of meteoric menace, only this time you're carrying heavy weaponry.